Client Representative

Client Representative

JC Project Consulting can act on your behalf to ensure the quality of service delivered meets your high expectations

We can offer a tailored solution to suit you and your project by offering the seven points below.
1.We represent the client from project inception to completion
2. Manage and advise on the appointment of the consultant team, Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, etc.
3. Ensure as statutory obligations are met and management of the planning application process should it be required.
4. Management of the tender process ensuring the right contractor is employed for the project.
5. Act as a conduit for information between the client, professional team and the contractor ensuring the correct lines of communication are used.
6. Provide the client with regular, comprehensive, project reports.
7. Financial monitoring and approval of payment to the professional team and contractors.



Some benefits of appointing an “Client’s Representative”
The early appointment of an Client’s Representative has a number of major benefits: –
• Efficient management of Consultant procurement &design/pre-construction will save you time and money.
• The value engineering process and the allocation of the project budget in the most effective way will be co-ordinated by an unbiased and experienced professional.
• Any necessary additional specialist consultants that should be brought onto the project team will be identified and appointed in a timely manner, thereby minimising costly “afterthoughts”.
• The burden of the project development and delivery process can be removed from the client’s shoulders – thereby enabling the client to pursue other opportunities.
• And, most importantly, potentially expensive mistakes can be avoided.
The appointment of an Client’s Representative should not increase overall project costs. Instead, significant financial and time saving are possible through focused and efficient processes. Therefore an Client’s Representative can be somewhat self-financing.


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