What Is Development Management

What Is Development Management


Development management consists of strategic planning, administration and management of a project during its development life cycle, from project inception through to completion and exit.

A development manager (DM) is the project developer’s agent or representative and overall project manager.

The development manager is assigned overall responsibility for project planning, project management, financial management, and project delivery through all development phases, until completion.

Development managers can be appointed to identify and acquire suitable sites, review and advise on redundant land, and complete land acquisitions.

They also liaise with local authorities to obtain permits and authority approvals.

The development manager will undertake a feasibility study of the project and provides a business case and programme of works.

They are responsible for progress through the legal, technical and financial stages of development projects and monitor progress to project completion.

Development managers are responsible for overall project delivery, contractor tendering, and design management. They work closely with the architects, engineers, interior designers and general contractors to ensure that all the specific requirements (specs) of the project are met and represent the developer on-site towards construction and operator personnel.

Development managers evaluate and manage the budget and ensure that the correct financing is in place. They are responsible for completing the project according to budget and the development program.

Development managers will also coordinate the marketing, leasing or sale of the developed properties and will put in place facilities and asset management post-construction.


The roles, responsibilities and expectations of development managers vary according to each project’s organizational structure, project and exit strategy, complexity and size.

These issues are defined for each project in a development management agreement (DMA).

To achieve the maximum sustainability of development projects, knowledgeable and experienced development managers must be engaged. Their managerial skills greatly influence the success of sustainable development projects.

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